How to prepare for an interview

Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking and that is why it is important to fully prepare for an interview. 

Here are a few golden rules that can assist you in improving your chances of being offered the position:

1. Research on the company 

  • Conduct a website search to fully understand what the company specialises in. 
  • Geographical location. Ensure that you know exactly where to go as it creates a bad impression if you are late for an interview. Arrive 15 minutes at the company prior to the scheduled interview time in order to calm your nerves as well. 
  • Ensure that you are aware of any new projects/developments the company is busy with. 

2. Clothing 

  • Looking presentable is just as important as doing research on the company. 
  • Always wear tailored work clothes to an interview. 
  • Ensure your clothes are clean, your hair is washed and combed. 
  • Do not smoke before the interview. 
  • Please remove any piercings and do not wear excessive make-up. 

3. General rules

  • Understand the duties of the position that you are interviewed for. 
  • Know exactly who you are going to meet with and ask for the relevant person at reception. 
  • Some companies require your ID or drivers’ licence upon entering the building. 
  • Prepare technical questions to ask during the interview. Do not ask questions about bonuses, leave etc during an interview! 
  • In order to answer the questions from the interviewer(s) optimally, think of practical examples of work that you have done in your career. We always remember the practical examples after the interview, so it is important to fully prepare outcome-based answers based on the job description. 
  • Although you may be very nervous, take a deep breath and think about your answers. It is very important to identify if you can see yourself working and building a career at the company. 
  • Answer the questions honestly as the interviewers are able to identify if you are telling the truth about your work experience.

How to prepare for an interview